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Set of Two 10-inch Oaxacan Black Clay Virgin Mary Sculptures Virgen Maria

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They are all hand made designs might vary, Experience the beauty and rich tradition of Oaxaca with this set of two handcrafted Virgin Mary sculptures. Each standing at an elegant 10 inches tall, these exquisite pieces are meticulously crafted from the renowned black clay of Oaxaca, Mexico. Every detail is painstakingly shaped and polished by skilled artisans, celebrating both spiritual reverence and time-honored craftsmanship. This duo of Virgin Mary sculptures is not only a reflection of deep-rooted faith but also embodies the artistry and cultural heritage of Oaxaca. They make serene additions to any space, offering both spiritual solace and a touch of Mexican artistry. Enhance your decor or gift them to someone special to share the spiritual and artistic essence of Oaxaca.