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*NEW* Oaxacan Avocado Fiesta Salseros with Wooden Base - Artisanal Ceramic and Wood Salsa Serving Set 🥑🎊

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Infuse a touch of Oaxacan artistry into your culinary presentations with our 'Oaxacan Avocado Fiesta Salseros with Wooden Base'. This set marries the rustic elegance of high-temperature ceramic clay with the warm tones of a beautifully crafted wooden base. 🌳🥄 Each avocado-shaped bowl, with its lustrous Barro Esmaltado glaze, is a testament to the skill of Oaxacan artisans, offering you a durable and vibrant 4-ounce vessel for your favorite salsas, from tangy Pico de Gallo to zesty sauces. 🥑🌶️ The included wooden base not only enhances the aesthetic but also provides stability and ease for your serving needs. This festive duo, complete with matching spoons, is a celebration of traditional craft and modern function, ensuring your table setting is as lively as your gatherings.

Measures: With each bowl measuring 4.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches wide, this set is designed to impress and express the joyful spirit of Mexican hospitality.