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Pay in 4 interest-free installments with free shipping to ALL USA!


The Restaurant Experience - CEMCUI

The Restaurant Experience

Nowadays, a restaurant needs space and decorations that generates an impact on the client; the music, decor, kitchenware and light distribution are vital in creating an experience they will always remember.

The experience delivered helps shape the restaurant's identity, in a Mexican restaurant it's not only about the mariachi, music or tacos on the menu. Using traditional Mexican kitchenware and utensils like molcajetes and tortilleros create an authentic Mexican experience for the clients. According to a study made by Eventbrite, 8 out of 10 millennials prefer spending their money on unique experiences rather than material things.

Digitalization has changed the dining experience in restaurants for clients and now everyone can order food using their phone. Due to this modernization, clients actively search for a unique experience when they eat at restaurants and not just eat. At a  Mexican restaurant they want the complete package, the molcajete, the queseras, the comales and blown glass cups. These traditional handcrafted Mexican utensils are what makes you feel special.

Today, social media is vital for success. It has the power to create an enormous amount of exposure to new and habitual clients. When a client shares a picture of their plate, the decoration on the table and the way the food is served, it greatly impacts the post's reach because it conveys the uniqueness of the restaurant. According to Social Toaster, when clients share a post from their own Instagram and TikTok account, the post will receive 28% more engagement than the restaurant sharing from their own account, this is because it's perceived to be more authentic. It's very important to always deliver the best experience to clients so they share their special moments and this creates an increase in traffic and sales!

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