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The Benefits of Volcanic Stone - CEMCUI

The Benefits of Volcanic Stone

Volcanic stone is one of the most used materials in Mexico. The rocky texture and color creates some of the most iconic cultural products such as the molcajete, a traditional Mexican cooking tool, as well as the metate and stone plates.

This material is used not only by Mexicans but also by chefs from all over the world thanks to its technical properties that allow it to keep food warm and its beautiful designs are perfect for plating.

The cooling of lava creates volcanic stone which allows for a variety of characteristics within the stone such as quick heating, the ability to withstand high temperatures and heat food without the use of oil. Lava rock does not release smoke when exposed to heat which means it does not modify the flavor of the food and naturally creates a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean and prevent the cross contamination of bacteria in food.

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