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Proudly made by Mexicans.

Tortillero "Tlaxcalli" 8 Inches Volcanic Stone and wooden lid


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This Tortillero, or tortilla warmer, is a traditional Mexican kitchen tool that is perfect for keeping your tortillas warm and fresh. Handmade from volcanic stone, it features a beautiful natural texture and is paired with a parota wood lid that doubles as a serving board. The 8-inch size is perfect for small to medium-sized tortillas, and the durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come.
- Handmade from volcanic stone
- Comes with a parota wood lid that doubles as a serving board
- 8-inch size is perfect for small to medium-sized tortillas
- Durable construction ensures long-lasting use
- Keeps tortillas warm and fresh for longer
- Adds a touch of traditional Mexican style to your kitchen
- Can be used as a serving board for other dishes
- Handmade construction ensures each piece is unique and special 

Tortillero Tlaxcalli

The Tortillero Tlaxcalli

The Tortillero Tlaxcalli

Experience the perfect blend of nature's elements with our meticulously handcrafted Tortillero. The volcanic stone body, sourced from Mexico's rich natural landscapes, exhibits a unique texture and strength that embodies the beauty of raw, organic materials. The elegant 8-inch diameter provides ample space to accommodate a generous stack of tortillas, ensuring you're always ready to serve delectable, warm tortillas to your loved ones.

The lid of the Tortillero is carefully handcrafted from the finest Parota Wood, known for its exceptional durability and stunning grain patterns. Each lid showcases the mastery of Mexican woodworking, with intricate details that add a touch of elegance to this functional kitchen essential. The natural wood lid fits snugly over the stone base, preserving the warmth of your tortillas while creating a striking visual contrast between the elements.

Perfection in your grill!

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