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Exquisite Jaguar Mask - Handcrafted & Vibrantly Handpainted Wall Art from Oaxaca by Margarito Melchor

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Step into the magical realm of Mexican folklore with our Tesoro Drop Alebrije Jaguar Mask by Margarito Melchor. This mask is not just a vibrant piece of art; it’s a representation of the Jaguar, a symbol of strength, power, and dominion, highly revered in Mayan culture. In ancient Mayan civilization, the Jaguar was considered a sacred animal and symbolized the mysteries of the night and the unknown, often associated with the gods of the underworld.

This brilliant embodiment of artistic mastery and vivid imagination, meticulously handcrafted and handpainted in the artistic heartland of Oaxaca, serves as a gateway to the rich traditions and mythical tales of Mexico, adding a burst of color and mystical charm to your wall.

Measures: 6.7 Inches Tall and 5.9 Inches Wide