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Set of 6 Tequileros "Talavera" with wooden base

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Introducing the Set of 6 Tequileros "Talavera" with wooden base - the perfect addition to any home bar or tequila lover's collection. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each tequilero is adorned with traditional Mexican "Talavera" patterns in vibrant colors, adding a touch of cultural elegance to your drinking experience.

The set comes with a sturdy wooden base for display and easy access, making it not only a functional barware set but also a decorative piece for your home. The tequilero glasses are made from high-quality ceramic, ensuring durability and longevity for many years of enjoyment.

These tequilero glasses are ideal for sipping your favorite tequila, mezcal, or other spirits, enhancing the aromas and flavors of your drink. The small size of the glasses encourages savoring the drink slowly, making it a perfect choice for intimate gatherings or special occasions.

Whether you're a tequila aficionado or simply looking for a unique and beautiful addition to your home decor, the Set of 6 Tequileros "Talavera" with wooden base is an excellent choice. Impress your guests with this exquisite set that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Order now and elevate your drinking experience to a whole new level!