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Molcajete Traditional Shape with Talavera Lid 7 inches


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🥑 Mexican Pestle and Mortar Hand Made Classic Design, With Talavera Lid for an elegant and Modern Touch

🗻Made from Volcanic Rock from the ancestral lands of Orizaba Veracruz, near Pico de Orizaba Volcano.

🌶️ Ideal for making your favorite salsas.

🗿 Proudly made by Mexican Artisans

📏 Working Area Size: 5.12 inches in diameter and 2.4 inches deep.

📏 Complete Size of Product: 7 Inches in diameter and 4.7 Inches tall.

📖 History of the "Molcajete":

The molcajete was used by pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican cultures, including the Aztec and Maya, stretching back several thousand years. Traditionally carved out of a single block of vesicular basalt, molcajetes are typically round in shape and supported by three short legs. They are frequently decorated with the carved head of an animal on the outside edge of the bowl, giving the molcajete the appearance of a short, stout, three-legged animal. The pig is the most common animal head used for decoration of this type.

In the pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican period, the molcajete had a lid and the set was believed to be used for burial of members in society of high status. Additionally, throughout the pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican period, they were decorated with various colors and designs, and orange wares were identified as the most common characteristic of the molcajete. The matching hand-held grinding tool, known as a tejolote (Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl texolotl), is made of the same basalt material.