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Tortillero "Tlaxcalli" 8 Inches Volcanic Stone and wooden lid


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This Tortillero Tlaxcalli is a unique and functional kitchen tool that is perfect for keeping your tortillas warm and fresh. Made from authentic volcanic stone, this tortillero is perfect for serving hot tortillas straight from the grill or comal. The sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure that your tortillas stay warm for longer, while the wooden lid keeps them fresh and protected.

The tortillero measures 8 inches in diameter, which is the perfect size for serving tortillas to your family or guests. The wooden lid is included to help keep your tortillas fresh and warm, while also adding a stylish touch to your kitchen.

This Tortillero Tlaxcalli is not only a functional kitchen tool, but also a beautiful decorative piece for any home. Its unique design and authentic craftsmanship make it a great conversation starter and a perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room.

Overall, this Tortillero Tlaxcalli 8 Inches Volcanic Stone and Wooden Lid is a must-have for anyone who loves traditional Mexican cuisine and wants to experience the authentic way of keeping tortillas warm and fresh. Order now and add a touch of Mexican heritage to your kitchen!