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Types of volcanic stone

Types of volcanic stone

There are different types of volcanic stone that are used to make Mexican crafts. At CEMCUI, a variety of volcanic stone is used for the different models that we handle, including comonfort, black stone, gray stone, and basalt.

Comonfort stone is a porous rock with distinctive white dots all over that contain minerals such as feldspars and salt that give food a unique flavor. This stone is found in Comonfort, Guanajuato.

Black volcanic stone is known for having an open pore and is capable of retaining and transmitting heat more efficiently, perfect for use with fire. This type of stone is located in the central areas of Mexico.

Gray volcanic stone has the most closed pore so it’s perfect for creating more aesthetic details to the stone. This stone is commonly found in the central parts of Mexico.

The basalt volcanic stone is a gray closed pore stone and is the most common of the volcanic stones, it is located mainly in western Mexico.
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