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Pay in 4 interest-free installments with free shipping to ALL USA!


How To Cure Your Molcajete - CEMCUI

How To Cure Your Molcajete

It is important to mention that when you buy a molcajete, you should ask if it is cured or not. The curation process removes the impurities that the rock may have and must be done its first use. Our molcajetes are NOT cured. We have decided to not pre-cure them to avoid the assumption that the molcajete has been previously used. However it is very easy to cure them and we would love to teach you how. 
  1. First, soak the molcajete in water for at least 20 minutes. While the molcajete is soaking, gently scrub it down with a dish sponge to remove all the dirt that has stuck to it during its manufacture. Leave to dry. 

  2. Once it is completely dry, add a handful of rice and salt and grind down into the molcajete with the tejolote. Grind in round movements coming from your wrist and use the entire surface to achieve an abrasive powder that polishes both pieces, the molcajete and the tejolote.

  3. Once the powder is fine, add a little water and continue grinding until you get a paste that will finish polishing the stones, giving them a smooth and soft appearance. This is just the right texture to start using.

  4. Finally, rinse with soap and water until the salt residue is removed. It is likely that some bits of rice will get stuck between the pores of the stone, but this is normal and will eventually fall out when it dries. 

Check out our social media pages for a visual demonstration on how to cure your CEMCUI Molcajetes! 

If you have any questions do not hesitate in contacting us via email or directly to our Whatsapp at +52 81 3562 3609.

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